A/V System Consulting

Let Inter-Quest help you with designing an audio/video solution that will meet your needs and stay within your budget. Check out more information about Inter-Quest's design and consulting services and see some details about past projects.

The Right Equipment

If you are looking for high-def TVs that offer the most beautiful picture quality you could imagine, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking for the ultimate auditory experience check out the selection of high-end speakers.

Make sure to purchase a reliable Denon receiver or Blu-ray player to power your home theater setup.

Continental Seating offers hand-made, made in the USA seating for any setup. Look into getting custom built seating for your home.

Contact Inter-Quest for more information about home theater installation.

Audio/Video System Installation

Installing a home theater system yourself is a large, complex task. Inter-Quest will help you by picking out the right equipment based on your needs and budget. In addition their trained technicians can install wiring, run cables, and make sure all of your home theater equipment is properly setup to give you the best experience possible.

Inter-Quest is an authorized dealer of home theater equipment including HDTVs, audio, video, and lighting equipment. They also carry all the cables that you will need to hook up your home theater system and have technicians trained to do the necessary wiring and installation for you. Inter-Quest has everything that is needed for you to create the perfect home theater experience.

Check Out a Dedicated Home Theater Room

If you want an example of what a dedicated home theater room looks like, Inter-Quest’s Theater Room at the Beaver Dam location is the place for you to start. You may stop into Inter-Quest to see and experience for yourself what a custom designed home theater room looks, sounds, and feels like. Feel free to contact Inter-Quest for more information about your home theater installation.