Mirage® Audio Products

Inter-Quest is an authorized dealer of Mirage® brand home audio products. Mirage dealers have been chosen for their ability to properly represent and sell Mirage products. Mirage® is a Klipsch Group Company.

Mirage NanoSat Package

Inter-Quest is an authorized Mirage home audio products dealer

See For Yourself

If you want to personally experience your home theater equipment, stop into Inter-Quest to view a select range of home theater audio, video, TV, and seating products in-store.

You've got to listen to these beautiful speakers yourself to appreciate just how great the sound is. Stop in to see the home theater room.

Home Theater Audio Equipment

Mirage Nanosat Prestige Bookshelf Satellite Speaker

Inter-Quest offers a variety of home theater audio equipment. You can choose from complete systems that include full surround sound with enough power to rattle your house, to separate pieces of audio equipment; including satellite speakers, subwoofers, all-in-one surround sound speakers, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, and outdoor speakers. Inter-Quest has everything you need for a complete home theater experience.

Contact Inter-Quest for information about our audio products or for a free consultation to determine which speakers are right for you.

Certified Audio Dealer

Inter-Quest is a certified Canton and Mirage dealer, meaning they can supply you with the complete line-up of audio equipment that Canton and Mirage have to offer. From the popular Reference Series by Canton to the small, elegant, yet powerful Nanosat speakers from Mirage, Inter-Quest will cover any home audio need you have.

In order to supply you with a diverse line-up of home theater audio equipment, Inter-Quest is also an Authorized Sunfire Dealer and currently resells Klipsch audio products. Visit their websites for information about their entire product line-up of high-quality, advanced speakers and speaker systems.

Inter-Quest is an authorized Canton home audio products dealer

Nearly every one of the audio products offered to you by Canton, Mirage, Klipsch and Sunfire can be ordered locally from Inter-Quest. Stop in and Inter-Quest will be glad to set up ordering, delivery, and installation if desired.

Inter-Quest is an authorized dealer of Canton® brand home audio products. Canton is known for their awarding winning audio quality and style. Just take a look at the beautiful, hand-shined cherry gloss finish on the Reference Series (pictured right).

SunFire Cinema Ribbon Trio On-Wall Speakers