Complete Home Theater

Need some speakers to compliment your nice HDTV? Stop in and choose from speakers to complete surround sound packages for those looking for the ultimate auditory experience.

Make sure to purchase a reliable Denon receiver to power your home theater setup.

Continental Seating offers hand-made, made in the USA seating for any setup. Look into getting custom built seating for your home.

See For Yourself

If you want to personally experience your home theater equipment, stop into Inter-Quest to view a select range of home theater audio, video, TV, and seating products in-store.

The new Runco LCD and plasma HDTVs are absolutely stunning when you see them for yourself. Stop by today and see one for yourself in Inter-Quest's showroom.

Contact Inter-Quest for more information or a free consultation for anything you want to know about home theater.

Home Theater HDTVs

Inter-Quest offers LCD and Plasma HDTVs ranging from 32 to 60+ inches. With full-HD 1080p you get to see the clearest and most detailed picture available no matter what your budget is.

Please contact Inter-Quest to get more information, or stop in today and check out the stunning picture quality by watching one of the HDTVs on display in the Inter-Quest showroom.

Authorized Runco Dealer

Runco CX-42HD

Inter-Quest is an authorized reseller of the entire product line of Runco HDTVs and projectors. Runco utilizes the latest, cutting-edge technology to give you the absolute best high-end HDTVs money can buy.

From their website: Since 1986, Runco has been a leader in the custom home theater industry and has sole focus on the commitment to research & development toward cultivating the latest and finest products and services in HD home theater video displays.

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Runco CinemaWall™ XP-OPAL50

Runco XP-OPAL50 50-inch Plasma 1080p

The Runco XP-OPAL50 1080p plasma display features legendary Runco performance coupled with Runco's proprietary OPAL™ image enhancement technology. This 1080p plasma display offers ISF(ccc) calibration modes for perfect pictures day and night and creates flawless images in rooms with controlled lighting. This pinnacle 50" plasma from Runco delivers an amazing viewing experience.

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